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U2 - "Pride (In the Name of Love)" Cover - Cygnus AC30 TB


My band and I did this for some fun. All the guitars are Axe Fx 3, using Cygnus, AC 30 TB.

"Cover Band" ..... lol, just a bunch of amateurs! That's the worst attempt at that song that I've ever heard! Y'all should be ashamed!!!

And just in case you couldn't hear the sarcasm ..... that was a GREAT DAMN JOB!!! You guys should be laying original stuff down somewhere and making money off of it!


New Member
Grettings from Mexico

It´s a great cover.

I would like to learn this song and for a long time I´ve been watching Michael tutorials at U" Guitar Turtorials and also looking for tips and patches at the U2 Guitar Turorial Forums web page but lately it seems out of order. Does anyone knows if the is a problem? that forum is a great source of information and tips for us U2 fans
I've been for a long time on this forum, but traffic is decreasing there. Seems that it does not get too much attention anymore. Maybe that's because you can buy all the presets from 3rd parties (Edo, others) and just need to finetune them. However, it's a great source, I agree.
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