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U2 presets?


New here
Looking forward to trying these out. Still on the waiting list so not sure when that will be! I am really curious about how close the SDD preamp comes to the rack unit.


New here
when i listen and see the achtungbabies cover of Streets,I m really impatient to know if i could get a day the Edo preset for axe fx ... does Edo have an axe fx2 ? does anyone know where to get his Streets preset ? I would really like to test it, today i ve the same guitar as Edo, the last fender Edge signature...thanks for your help, cheers


Tried these, but not getting any sound...
The problem is that there's an FX Loop in each preset. I'm not sure what Stadelmann has plugged into it, but it's killing the audio for anyone who doesn't have the loop connected. Replace it with a shunt, and you'll get sound.

I just tried out the Streets preset. It's got a lovely chime, and the delays are nice. But there's a pitch shift as the delays progress. That's nice, but not true to the song.
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