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Two Rock Amps Anyone?


Does one of you lucky owners know if it is possible to get this sound with the stock amps and IR's?


You know, that fantastic BIG clean sound.........;)

I live in gthe EU and if it is actually possible, I'd better find a way to star saving up...


Fractal Fanatic
I will say most likely. Honestly the only think I hear special is the sound when you use your fingers. Great tone, but the Fractal FM3 has that great tone also. I don't personally use the two rocks but others others may chime in hopefully. Like your playing btw...................


if your in to blues or jazz I guess its ok but I don't know any metal guitar players or any that uses two rock amps. you can get the same type of blues tones from fender amps that I heard of. I seen Chris Duarte live and he used a finder combo amp. matter of fact I have live pictures of him on stage
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