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Wish Two amps and two cabs with no FX


For people that like to use a pedal board into the AX8 (like me) I wish we had the option to have two amp and two cab blocks if we turn off all other effects. Then the AX8 would act as a "pre-amp / cab-sim" only and all the effects could be achieved with external pedals.

I know that one CPU is dedicated for amp+cab and the other is for effects. I wish we had the option to set the effects CPU dedicated to a second amp+cab :)

Or even more cool, an integration between the AX8 and the FX8, and have a "two floor" unit solution that would be similar to an AxeFX :D. Maybe even a seamless integration between both units where you plug a data cable between them (an USB or a MIDI cable, don't know) and they can change patches between each other.
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I would be extremely surprised if this was implemented in the ax8 even if it's possible. Seems like something they would save for the more expensive version.

But I would love to live my dream of playing through a stereo recto/Mark iv rig on my ax8!


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Cliff has stated that the cab is handled by a separate hardware accelerator in the AX8, not by the first chip. The second chip handles the effects and the OS.


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I'm going to guess that's not possible either. The cab block will sum the two amps since there is not separate left/right input processing in the block. Also, Cliff has said it takes all of the power of a single chip to handle the amp block. If that is the case, then there's no processing power left over for the OS.

Of course only FAS knows for sure. I'm just guessing based on what I have read previously.
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