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Tuning Offsets template


Hi Guys,

I just got a Tom Anderson Angel! This guitar uses a Buzz Feiten tuning system. So i was just wondering if it is possible to load the tuning offsets for the Buzz Feiten and save it as a template?? This way i can recall the template whenever i use the Angel.

Thanks a bunch.



Power User
I'm not near my Axe at the moment. But there are various tuning offsets floating around the forums. (Search for Buzz Feiten or Sweetend tunings.) What you want to do is entirely possible. Just remember to turn the offsets on/off when changing guitars.

Tuning offsets search results


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The axe will allow you to have one set of offsets so you can toggle between std running and using the offsets. The only was to turn offsets on and off is via the front panel. I asked years ago for a tuner xy or a way to toggle between offsets and and off from the MFC and that wish was never granted. Currently all my guitars have the BFTS so I always have offsets on
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