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Wish Tube Substitution Optimization Option?


There was a discussion concerning “not hearing” differences when power tubes were changed. I noticed this too. The thread was this fella:

It might be nice to have an option to disable optimization when flipping tubes.
I don’t want to pre-suppose the techniques utilized with respect to tube substitution in the sw.
...but it would be nice to preview how a different tube sounded like in a particular amp topology.

Thanks for listening!


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If the master isn't high enough to be pushing the power tubes to any significant amount of distortion, the only effect changing power tube type will have on the tone will be negligible amounts of EQ shift at the output, 6L6 having a little more top and bottom extension, EL34 having more pronounced midrange (only perceived due to reduced top and bottom extension)

If the master isn't pushed hard enough to drive the power section and get the speaker working there won't be a lot of noticeable difference unless you're a dolphin.

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