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Tube power amp options?


Fractal Fanatic
Thinking of routing my FM3 through the power section of one of my heads and into a 4x12 cab
Years ago a buddy ran a mesa tube rack set up into real cabs and it was really good. What are current options?
Not interested in non tube options, thanks!!

Chris Hurley

Fryette makes several- 2/90/2, 2/50/2, LXII and PS2. Synergy makes a cousin of the LXII- the 5050.

The PS2 does a lot of things, as RichD said. It can be used with tube amps to make them louder or quieter in addition to being a poweramp. I've used it with my Axe-FX III and suspect it can work well with the FM3. It has been suggested to set the amp block to resistive load- something I don't fully understand or accept but there was a big thread about it on TGP where Fryette support weighed in on that side. If the PS2 is made to present a reactive load to a tube amp, I would expect the line in would be OK with a simulation of a reactively loaded tube amp but opinions seem to vary.

Mooer (of all things) makes a small tube poweramp. I've never heard it but have considered it a few times.

The FX Return on an amp head is awfully convenient sometimes.


Mesa, Peavey, and Carvin are other manufacturers that make tube power amps. Like many here, I am partial to the Fryette designs. Any tube power amp you go with is going to be heavy (20-50 pounds), so keep that in mind.

neale dunham

I started out using a Fryette 2/90/2 which sounded awesome on the Class A setting. Damn heavy though!

After much experimentation, found that due to the El34's it only really excelled at Marshall-esque tones and lacked massively when trying to deliver Vox type sounds.

I then "Downgraded" to the Fryette PS2 and it serves my needs slightly better as an all-rounder. Still not perfect tho.

If you can afford the real estate.... Why not try a Mesa Roadking Head? Best of EL34 Tones and 6L6 in one box with switchable configurations and midi capability!

Wish i'd never sold mine......
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