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TRS - XLR or TRS - TRS? Does it matter


Im getting a pair of studio monitors which have both XLR and TRS inputs. Howeve my focusrite interface only has TRS jacks as outputs.

Is it better for me to run TRS -> TRS or XLR -> XLR?

Or does it not matter at all?


I like the XLR connector better simply because it feels more sturdy than a TRS connection, so I'd go TRS -> XLR. Soundwise, they should be exactly the same.


New Member
Audiophiles with 5-7 digit dollars set-ups will often say they hear a difference. Most analogue multitrack records have gone through a bunch of both. XLRs are used most places in recording studios. But there will usually also be a patch bay with bantam jacks. And those are essentially slightly smaller TRS jacks.
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