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Trouble with Dual Shift - Pitch Block


I was very impressed with the Dual Shift Pitch Block when I first received my III . Not sure what happened but now the block is not just dropping the pitch a fixed amount it also appears to be inserting some sort of harmony ?? Use factory preset # 329 Scene 5 for sample . Not sure if something changed in the past few firmware updates or if I'm doing something wrong . Can some one please check for me. Thanks

Attached is factory preset from my machine . FW 1.2


  • Eruption - Scenes.syx
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Fractal Audio Systems
Works fine here but if you don't have your volume loud enough you'll hear the guitar strings and it will sound like a dissonant interval. Personally I would just tune down a half step or play in E. That patch sounds great.


Thanks Cliff ... Was using a lower volume at home, will investigate further . Playing some Motley Crue covers that need to go down a full step. Usually bring a second guitar to gigs for that and hoping to solve the problem with your new pitch block .

Hope you are relaxing on you well deserved vacation .. Happy July 4th !!!


Well the master has spoken.. Volume level does play tricks on the ears . Raising it definitely clears things up .

Not gonna get the owner/designer/engineer to respond like this with other companies . Just reaffirms my commitment to FAS . Had a Standard, AxeFx II and now a III . Proud owner... Loving it .
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