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trip-tik and brit+


Fractal Fanatic
not perfect? this sounds very good indeed!
what IR's did you use?
1960a g12 and basketweave mix .I was actually practicing to the backing track in reaper to see what the tone was like ,Tried 1 amp ,played it back and decided to open another track and try another amp for another take.Than I tried playing them both panned left and right. So basically I can upon this tone by mistake, The truth comes out :D
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Daaaaammmnnn...very, very nice man!! Excellent playing and that tone is schweet! :encouragement:

Share that patch!! :)

Are you recording direct?


ditch the short delays and keep the longer ones at a reduced level, so you only hear them on the stops. that's what i reckon, but what do i know? :)


I'd say you know a great lot about delays, Simeon! ;)

OP that is some sick tone! I listened to your other clips too and really like that blues jam you had up there, also! Great work!
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