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Tribute to Eddie Van Halen (w/ free patch)


Power User
I finally had band practice last night. After pur first break, I pulled up this patch and never left it the rest of the night. Such a versatile preset that reacts so amazingly to the volume knob!


New Member
I’m out of town for the holidays w/o my FM3, but I’m pretty sure I just imported it like any other preset.
Thanks for the info, then I have to try it maybe with the latest firmware again, because all my attempts so far ended with a CPU warning :-(


Hmmmm... I last played it a while ago on 1.04... Maybe, cut the Reverb to economy and kill one of the delays? Try one at a time to bring the CPU down.


Fractal Fanatic
Great job! Eddie’s work won’t be forgotten, no doubt. I remember being an 18 year old relatively new guitar player in 1978... the whole guitar playing landscape shifted again when the first record came out. Monumental player.
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