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Tribute to Eddie Van Halen (w/ free patch)


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@ProgressiveRocco amazing job, but will be awesome a Balance Era preset!! Please!! 🙏
If you swap the Plexi with the 6160 block (bass at 6, mids at 3 or 4, treble at 6), and keep the pitch detune and stereo delay on it's pretty much the Balance tone ;) I personally like that album, but I'm not a huge fan, I feel he really started to change his sound from that record, tons of gain and less mids


I think it's safe to say Eddie's passing left a void in the guitar world that will never be filled. In my opinion there's never been anyone so influential, inspiring and creative as EVH, he took what Hendrix did 10 years prior and brought it to a whole other level. The electric guitar as an instrument would be way different today if it wasn't for his countless contributions, both playing wise and in guitar design/innovation.
This video is my way to pay tribute to the King, by playing some of my favorite riffs from each album till '91, and hopefully inspire younger people to go listen to the Van Halen catalog.

Eddie's tone varied a lot throughout the years, each album is very different and there's no such thing as "THE Van Halen tone" (His tone was in his fingers anyway). So I just tried my best to create a good overall Van Halen-ish patch, using just stock cabs. The heart of the preset is very simple. A variac'd 1959SLP Plexi with every knob on ten, into a couple of Greenbacks IRs. You have all the usual fx blocks to spice up the sound and get closer to each era: phase 90, flanger, chorus, echoplex delay in front of the amp, H3000 micro pitch shift, a stereo delay (emulating his SDE-3000 settings in his live rig), an enhance block for those wide 5150 tones and of course the reverb.
Props to @Mark Pritchard for the echoplex settings and the multiband comp idea at the end of the chain, both killer dude!

I've put together some screenshots for the non-Axefx III users so you can recreate the patch on your unit. Keep in mind this was done with firmware 14.00, shouldn't sound much different if you're on 14.04.

Hope you guys like it, lets rock some Van Halen!

Amazing tribute! Perfect playing!
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