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Tribute to Eddie Van Halen (w/ free patch)


Man, I don't even own an AxeFx III but just had to grab that preset in case lady luck ever shines on me and I do own one someday. Great Job! Especially the playing and the effects! I may have to dl axe edit so that I can open the preset and have a look at how you have things dialed in. I'm still flogging an Ultra - but still love it! Truth be told it's so much more than I ever had access too back in the day and I still only use a very small slice of it's capabilities. But sometimes the effects in patches can translate a little between the Ultra and the newer platforms so THANK YOU for the preset and your EVH tribute. That was great!


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I cannot do his shuffles and you get them down perfectly. The feel and attack. Most excellent. After work today, i'm gonna look at your screen shots and get as close as I can with my II
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