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Travel bag to hold FM3 and 13” laptop?


Peacechaos Messenger Bag. Amazon. Might hold an FM3 tight-fit, will hold 15" notebook. Currently own a Modoker Messenger Bag, formerly used for a HeadRush Gigboard. The Modoker will not fit a FM3.


I have been looking for something for a few weeks. Between many products being back ordered with no time available when back in stock and thinking spending 200 to 300 clams for a soft case is nuts has made it a fruitless endeavor so far. Also, getting something just the right size is tough too. I want to be able to carry some other things besides the FM3, but want to keep size as small as possible. I really thought in the 21st century and all the choices I would be able to find just the right item at a decent price. I find myself more often devising something custom to fit my needs whatever they might be. I’m about to go look at overnight luggage or go to a sporting supply store and see what’s available in carrying cases and use foam to make something custom.
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