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Transitions between songs?


The lag with the II is minimal. There is a global option whether reverb and delay spill or cut off.


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I think the problem is that spillover means you're basically asking the II to run 2 presets at once. And there's just not enough DSP in that box to do that. Especially if you're using DSP hogging effects like delay and reverb.


Any tips transitioning between different songs (presets) without everything cutting out?
If you can stop playing for 0.2 seconds which is usually like an 8th note amount of time, it will sound natural.

Do you have to hold a chord when changing presets? Even with analog amps and other gear this happens, and for years people have just stopped playing for a brief moment.


It's mostly songs that end with a reverb tail or delay and needing a second to switch to a drastically different sound for the next song.
Try and use Scenes vs. changing presets. I pack 95% of my tones/changes in a single preset for each song. You can get away with using 89-90% CPU before the processor starts giving you that bit crackle. The less loading/processing the axe-fx has to do then the less latency you will have. When you change presets, the axe-fx has to re-load all of those blocks...
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