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Track from our new debut album


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Yeah ..., A little bit of modern country infusion in the guitar fills too ! AWESOME stuff !


like the sound :) maybe a bit too bassy and 80s style ;) .. could sound more hifi to me. is it already mastered ?


What is your panning like on the guitars? I would kill to get a full sound like this. Whenever I double track my guitars they don't sound nearly as full.


The guitar Sounds awsome. what amp model and cabinet did you use?

As for the vocals they are buried behind in the mix in reverb or slapback. Turn in down a bit and the mix would instantly be much better!


Thanks for the feedback guys, it's appreciated!

My parts were done using the HBE with an impulse I took from my Hughes and Kettner Coreblade. Our other guitarists parts were done using the 6160 and German V30 cab. Solo's were the HBE with Coreblade impulse.

I'd share the patches but they were all 5.07 and I've not remade them for 6 yet!

Edit: Sorry, to answer X14, they're all tracked mono twice and hard panned, both guitarists L and R. The solo's are for the most part single tracked aside from any harmonies.

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Great playing and tone! Reminded me very much of an Extreme song called "He-Man Woman Hater"... Nuno has to be one of your influences!
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