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Tough Week


Anyone every try Metallica's?

Yup! Full disclosure that I'm not big on alcohol so I can't really compare it to much else, but I've enjoyed this quite a bit. It has a bit of a honey/sweet taste to it. Definitely makes the throat warm hehe. My friends/family who drink more regularly complimented as well.


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Islay, ftw.

Still a Laphroaig fan, but Ardbeg Wee Beastie is great for a 5 year. Their Uigeadail is just ridiculously good. Smooth and smoky. Found some Port Charlotte too, which was a surprise.
While I'm at it, what's your favorite Islay? I've had most of the really good ones, though never Bunnahabhain, which I'd love to try. Oh yeah, and the Classic Laddie is great if you don't care for the smokey peat (I guess Bunnahabhain makes some as well), though I definitely enjoy both styles.


Yes to Oban 18 (working on a bottle now). Yes to Macallen 18 (or 12, any when someone buys it for me), and to Glenmorangie 18 - also a winner. Lagavulin gets honorable mention - if you like peat. Rotate liberally with Bulleit or Woodford Reserve old fashions. And back off three weeks before your annual wellness check so your liver passes muster.
Works for me.


I forgot to mention the Glenlivet Nadurra. I don’t recommend it neat (in that form it is also an effective paint stripper)… however, the addition of a small amount of water transforms this beast into just a wild ride. Probably best, over an ice cube or scotch iceball. Let it sit a few minutes to gain the release and sweetening only water can give. Compare it neat, to with water, and you’ll see what I mean.

Forever Again

I’ve been meaning to try some of the Jonnie Walkers. I‘m not onto really peaty scotches though. My go to is usually the Oban 18 if I’m reaching for a Scotch scotch.

Is it worth trying a “lesser” Walker or is it blue or nothing?

I‘ve got a very delicate Suntory on the go here. I like it best on a clean palate it’s so light and timid.

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Stay warm!
Have you tried any of the Nikka’s (another Japanese whiskey)?


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I had to check when I was at the Class Six (alcohol store here on base in Hawaii) - Walker blue was $279.



I always have a loaded Lagavulin bottle at home, I am more a beer and wine person but on certain occasions ... I treat myself.
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