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Toto "Hold the Line" Solo


Those bends and vibrato....ah sweet perfection sir! Still, my wife is beginning to hate you. After all, you are the reason I purchased the original Axe Fx not to mention the II, the XL+ and now the III as well as 3 Friedman amps! I must go...what is that strange doll she has and all those pins?!


Fractal Fanatic
I remember seeing Luke play this in his Star Licks video (still have that around here somewhere) and was surprised how much he crammed in there. Those wide bends were a big part of his style back then, and I was never any good at it! You nailed it, Mark!



that one's a killer! I recorded it once, and it literally took me I think like 75 takes or something equally ridiculous to be able to comp a good version together.
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