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Topic: Axe-FX Standard doesn’t connect to Computer/ Axe-Edit-Software


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I did search through forums for hours, so now my own description of the problem!

Software/ Hardware used:

  • Axe-Fx Standard: Version 10.01; last Update: 19.06 2010
  • Axe Edit: Axe-Edit Beta 1.0.191 for Windows

  • M-Audio Fast Track Pro
  • AKAI Professional EIE Pro
  • 2 Midi-Cables from Midi Out (Interface) to Midi in (Axe-Fx) + Midi out (Axe-Fx) to Midi in (Interface)
  • USB-Cable from Interface to Computer
  • I checked midi cables many times and recently bought brand new ones, they are functioning (I of course switched them just in case); The USB-Cable works as well, since I use it all the time for recording (interface works aswell)
Problem: I want to connect my Axe-Fx Standard to the Axe-Edit Software in order to download firmware, but especially to edit the patches. When I open the software it says Status: not connected. I did select the Interface in the MIDI Input/Output-Window. Both the Akai and the M-Audio Interface. I Did read about the Axe-Fx Syses ID, my Axe-Fx says 125, so I did replace the previous ID 372 with no result.

The Midi-Loppback test always says: Test failed! I also did check that the Axe-Fx is selected as a source.

Other than the described actions i didn’t go into any driver settings on my Computer or performed anything else.

I would appreciate any help!
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