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ToonTrack Progressive Foundry $70 this weekend only

Dave Merrill

Fractal Fanatic
Still waffling on this.
That's a great price, as good as second hand, and it seems like great content according to everything I've seen.
But it takes a huge amount of disk space - "approximately 64 GB of free hard drive space, plus an additional 64 GB is required for the installation process."
Downloading that would take a while too.
I swear I saw somewhere that it came on a USB flash drive, but I don't see that anywhere now, maybe it doesn't any more.

Dave Merrill

Fractal Fanatic
Bah, pulled the trigger, life's too short to agonize over a $70 purchase of a known high quality product.
Won't be able to install it for awhile, but that's ok.
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