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tons of new cab slots, yet no way to copy cab files to those slots.


anyone help me copy cab files to the new cab slots added to the XL and XL+.

All the ways i use to copy cab files over do not work anymore after latest firmware 20 beta1.

tried everything. fractal bot, cab manage, etc

says it saves, but then its blank?


the new offerings from official new firmware aren't usually supported in current versions of the software, but the updated software usually isn't far behind (and sometimes released at the same time, lately).

in this case, we're talking about Beta firmware, and it most likely will never have instant software support.

so yes, you can't use any software like Bot or Edit with the new functions and new storage right now.

it will be released when it's ready though. we are fortunate that FAS shares these new things with us in forms of Public Beta releases!


yeah all good. thanks for the info. ill rock on while i wait. loving the tones. sweet

p.s. hoping that a new Axe Edit also comes out with the fuzzy graphics fixed. You know, using vector images instead of what looks like png files or similar. The current graphics don't expand correctly to fit your computer monitor so are always very fuzzy etc. All the buttons are fuzzy too, block pictures, switches and so on. hope that is sorted too.

any ideas if they are working on this too? yeah, i know the tone is all that's important, for sure, but hey, it needs to be addressed, sure it cant be too hard to create vector imaged Axe Edit

all good. rock on!
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