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Tone Trick or Treating!


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Thanks, made me discover the BDD delay, the Bias Trem and also the Tone of Kings distortion. Unfortunately the J-Fet compression - for that great funky sound you have there - is not available on FM3 but will give it a try with the optical compressor that could get close to there.

Edit : cannot get this funky thing that way, also the attack times cannot go under 1ms on FM3 (or an error of FM3 edit ?)
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GASP I see a new TV Mix - my heart is all a-flutter, this brings me great joy! I think the TV Mix 2 has a new roommate!

I am loving that clean channel with the comp. Also... at 9:10 you showed me a lick I have wanted to learn for aaaages, I kiss you borat-style!

Brian Coonan

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I just loaded this up and went through it - wow, it is fantastic. And that new cab mix is excellent as well! Thank you @2112 for the vid and the presets/cab.


Thank you Leon. Very educational. Hard to find good info on how and why to work with effects.


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@teddis I don't think the FM3 has the Jfet comp type or OCD just yet, but nearly all the other effect types should be there. The IR will definitely work!
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