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Tone Options for Axe 2 xl


Based on my situation what would you guys do?
On running the axe.

I have 3 cabinet choices. Badger 1x12 H&K 2x12 Mesa 1x12 open back.

Or run through Amp Head? H and K tubmeister . Mesa Ta-30. Badger 30.

Or Buy a power amp...(can't find a matrix anywhere) and run through one of my cabinets but which one?

I also have some combo amps...marshal v modern, Mesa Lonestar, Fender supersonic twin.

Just looking for the best tone. Playing a live gig won't matter . I'm going right into the mix.

ANyways, Just looking for the best situation at home. I'm somewhat of a Newb. Had and axe fx a while back but sold it. Now I just bought one again.
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