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Tone Matching help or verification

Hello im trying to figure the Tone Matching feature out and im a bit confused on something...

I am trying to Tone Match some Tube amps I own and I want to get both the actual HEAD sound AND the cab speaker sound
from my own cabinets here....

I see one can use a direct box between the head and cab and take line level of that back into axe fx input 2
and then Also close mic the cab/speaker of my choice and get the cab recorded into a Mic ..

I have the zoom h4n which has 2 xlr inputs or channels and then 2 more for room mic's
and Ive been getting very good recordings which on playback sound the same so I know that part does work for capturing the actual head and cab in room sound...

What I read is its better to get the Head itself AND the cab speaker in the room recording at same time so from what im understanding
I need to take and setup fx loop block at beginning of chain and then also setup amp and TM block.
select an amp thats closest to the actual amp im trying to TM select TM block and complete the chain....------------> to output and save..

Then at same time take line level out of Direct Box in my case Suhr iso box and run that into input 2 L on back of axe....

If I see this correctly I need to record and Tone Match the Head only while at same time be getting the actual Cab Speaker combination I want recorded.

It appears I go guitar into axe fx 2 front end then out of output 2 L into front of Tube amp I want to Match then from line level between head and cab go back
to input 2 on back of axe fx with both inputs up on front of axe...
at the same time im doing that to get Tone Match I should close mic the cab and maybe room mic for open back cab sound.

I have a zoom h4n with 2 xlr in and 2 built in directional mic's for Room Mic's
So I can get the cabinet and speaker and I have a suhr iso box which has LL gain on it
so I can push line level to axe input 2 L for Tone Match of the Head.

I would be using the same amp inside the axe fx 2 anyway too Tone Match too
but essentially using an amp ive already made and saved to push the 150 watt tube amp..

Thats exactly what I am trying to get is that amps transformers and tubes and my cabs and speakers.

So im asking those who know if that looks right guitar into axe through back output to input of tube amp then back from line level
out of Suhr iso to AXE FX input 2 L on back to get Tone Match of that Head and its Transformer and tube compliment.

If I can do this and get these amps done the next step is to record my Ultra 50 original into Axe 2
and be able to do that exact same thing only using that head to drive those same amps and to be able
to save that sound also only using the SSS iron and glass.

I have a tweed twin and a 66 showman head also I wish to do and once the Ultra is saved again in axe
Id have two versions of that amp actually 4 because Id get it as is and with SSS iron and glass
and I just retubed the amp and I did the caps 2 years ago so those are well settled in and the amp is 1000% solid.
The main difference in that Ultra amp is the tubes really made a huge difference and brought the overall amp back
along with correct caps that and a different preamp compliment as well vintage 6l6gc tung sols
It completely made that amp so much better.. The front of that Ultra has a small knob which adds Hair.

Before with other tubes that knob was too abrupt it was off or too much too soon.
Now though its just right so the amp is way more fun to play and if you need more Hair you dial it up or bring it down...
Far more Dynamic and crowd friendly and straight in at that.......

I thought eh Ill try it but I did not expect that much of a surprise as it really really helped the amp to shine..
Now its still plenty aggressive or mean as you need it to be but you can back that off to smooth
and the clean side is even more MR SPARKLE MR GLASSY so win win overall...

I need to get this Matched and I need to get the 150 watt amps matched and the cab and speakers shot IR wise
so im asking for some help so I dont damage anything

output 2 of axe should be line level so no harm there and line level out of iso box back to input 2 of axe
should be for Tone Matching THAT SAID HEAD and the close mic recording or room mic to Zoom h4n
should cover the IR's im seeking to capture...
I think this is correct but im asking..

at first I thought I was to plug into front of the TUBE AMP HEAD but it seems to make better sense
this way going through axe and back through axe.

I will make huge strides if I can do this correctly over the week and my goal is to make
each version of the amps here and into F and M type amps also and getting more then the bassman
for ultra sounds...
Tweed Twin
66 showman
concert ect

then follow suit in Marshall dept
and push the Ultra through those different versions and save those...
I have some friends with tube amps also Marshall fender vox
they might be down to allowing me to slave through those amps
via line level and capture those as well....

one is a 59 tweed bassman and its a sweetie of an amp
its redundant to run a bassman into a bassman but
not to get another 59 tweed and I know his is original also speakers and all
so its a great one....

Soon as you push the gain from iso box to 2nd amp thats what you hear
the 2nd amps transformers speakers ect but Ultra preamp..
That 2nd amp becomes something else then entirely :)

That would be well worth capturing also even if its the same platform amp
Ive got the bandmaster and showman and tweed twin here.
Those are all dialed in also so they sound good as is....

Good examples of each platform to push the Ultra through....
Each one sounds a bit different but the initial preamp is Dumble Ultra..

Michael Landau does this he uses his D amp then goes line level Suhr iso into a loaner amp
he likes deluxe or supers hot rod deluxe or bassman also and has examples of bassman and super to do that from
as well ods 100...

So dry wet setup the 2nd loaner amp takes the wet signal and more of the volume or brunt
the loudest of the two amps would be the wet amp but its all from the Main D amp.
So you get which ever voice you want or both always.....

Thats where I got the idea all due respect and it works.

So I think taking that line level from iso to fractal axe 2 is Tone Matching that head
and recording at same time the cab and speaker will allow me to capture MY IR's
for my own Cabs which are original and to spec build wise or speaker wise.
Kerry Wright or Alex D made.

The 4 10 cab I want to capture is what Shawn Lane used.

If anyone that reads this can confirm id be safe to proceed using these methods Ill do just that...
My goal is to make all these amps and capture the cabs and speakers and shoot the IR's
and be able to offer Bundle Packs.

The Ultra Odsr and SSS amps belong to me the cabs belong to me speakers ect and ive got the
efx already dialed in and owned those also.. Most of which are still here....
Tweed twin 66 showman also are here 66 bandmaster thats bassman included
and Ive got a small special 50 here which is ODS only with two clean sides its more for pedals vs straight in lead...
So thats a complete ground up build and different Ultra version.
The ODSR is based from 183 Cliffs Ods also el 34 is 3 amps off from mine the main difference being mine has #60 spring reverb which was improved
by Alex within last 15 years so of the 4 known to exist its got the most current best sounding spring..
the SSS heads are 6550 and kt88 and the preamp is #5 or #7.
To answer well how can I claim that I bought both the versions of Tube amps at 150 watts each only correct transformers and Ive got the schematics and voltages
from both 5 and 7 the main differences being 7 has more preamp tubes some for better spring reverb adjustment......
Remember what I mentioned about #60 reverb.....?
That reverb..

I already dialed in the plate version and matched the Tremolo to make the flag ship and soon as I can capture the Ultra through the SSS heads
that would complete the SSS series in 6550 KT88 and Flagship versions of that.
Id have both ODS Version with ODS iron and SSS version with that iron and each tube compliment 6l6 6550 kt88

See the method to the madness ? I want both versions of every amp and I want my cabinets and speakers
both 2 10 4 10 2 12 and 4 12

By how much gain I add on front end of Ultra and by which Marshall amp I chose to slave through I can make the Mega Plx also..
The Mega Plx is Dumbles version of the better Marshall....
He made Ultra Versions which were Modified Marshalls and he made two Mega Plx amps

I know what year Iron was used in those and what voltages and wattage and its not 45 or 50 or 100

So infact every one of those style amps can be made within the axe once I get these amps Tone Matched.
I have the actual schematics to 007 voltages ect because I know the man who sent the parts to fix it while overseas.
I spent the past 7 years learning how to tune them.....

So I need some help on Tone Matching and if what ive described in print is what I need to do too capture the Tone Match
safely id appreciate someone to give me thumbs up as Id like to make every one of these amps save them and save the cabs speakers
and offer them as bundles...

I want to add and stack up the options so the bundles would be worthwhile or appealing too purchase and im asking a fellow member
about the best way to do the cabs speakers heads and all.....

If anyone can help confirm the Tone Matching and Ir Part ill proceed and get them done...
Thank you im very very close now to completing the missing amps in this stable......
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