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Tone Match not in HiRes on the FW13 ????????


From the release notes:
Added UltraRes support to Tone Match block Export function. If the Global IR Capture Mode is set to UltraRes the exported Tone Match will be an UltraRes IR ONLY if the Tone Match Mode parameter is set to Live. Note that the Tone Match block itself does not support UltraRes processing and, therefore, the Tone Match must be exported to a user IR if UltraRes processing is desired.


Thx but my Global IR Capture Mode is set to UltraRes, i have made an UltraRes of my guitar cab 4X12 Krank, really good, and when i would made and record a TM with an EQ before (to correct), the résult is not in UltraRes but in Normal Res.:|
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