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Bug? Tone match export doesn't include smoothing


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Bug or by design? When exporting a tone match that has smoothing applied, the smoothing doesn't export, only the raw tone match without smoothing.


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Thanks for replying.

De-phase was first solution I tried before posting. Maybe it was me, but didn't sound as good.

Is de-phase doing exactly the same thing as smoothing? -- i.e., is 7.0 de-phase identical to 70% smoothing. If so, that lets the user establish their "de-phase" setting during tone-matching and, even cooler, have the option to tweak phase/smooth at cab level after tone-match. I see the logic, but unless I'm hallucinating (easily plausible) it didn't sound as good.
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In my best Yoda voice...."Hmmm, unfortunate this is".....
Is this also true with the 'Amount' % parameter?????
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