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Tone help


Hello, I've been using my AX8 for so long straight into the powered ATOMIC cabs. Looking to switch up. I've always loved the sound of the Matrix GT1000 fx into a cab with the AXE FX 2. I've since sold the AXE FX 2 because of the 3 coming out. But for now. I have the AX8 still. And want to Try it with my Matrix GT 1000fx.

I can either use my MESA cab .2x12 closed back. Or my Marshall 4x12. 1960A
I know tone is personal. But what would my optimum set up be? Using the AX8...Matrix gt 1000 and either cab / or both cabs in stereo? How would I route this optimum setup ?


I would just run with the Atomic, but if you already have the gear, why don't you just test? The cabs are probably both pretty solid options, just depends on the type of sound you're going for.
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