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Toggle From Presets to Scenes with External Footswitch

Hi Rob, I just got the Mosky switch as well and I can't get it do anything. Do you have any setup advice you can give to me? It is like the FM3 isn't seeing anything connected to it on pedal 1 or 2.
I used Leon Todd's video to help, but Chris has a tutorial as well.

Leon Todd:


New Member
Got it working. Thanks so much Rob D, what a great and helpful bunch. I am really excited to hear this with our band at practice tonight. Coming from Headrush pedalboard that will be up for sale very soon....


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New FM3 user here. Just see the video, bought a switch & learn from this thread. Thanks you Ruin, Chris & others!


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Yet another new FM3 user here :) Thanks to Ruin, Chris & the others! This setup works for me!

Question: I can still add an Expression Pedal (for Wah), simply using the second pedal jack, right?
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