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To those of you who do videos while playing


+1 Davinci Resolve
I produced some "covid" fitness instructional videos for an instructor. I just recorded her doing each song (music came from her phone speaker and then I plopped the original song on a new audio track.

One issue came that came up was she had slowed down one of her songs using the app on her phone (slowed by 10%) and forgot to tell me. Good times


Oh I really have to get into this. I made a few videos now for youtube (no pretentions, just to give myself a goal and some interested friends to see it) I record with my phone and no editing so it has to be spotless from beginning till end. Quite a challenge and usually take 65 is good enough haha. My daughter asked me why I never smile on my vids, well, take 50 and beyond tend to take away the fun lol. I do have steinberg software, bought quite an expensive version 2 years aho, but that was not a lot of fun to figure out. Intuitive is not what they go for there, sigh. I’ll check outsome of the programmes you guys mentioned. If interested: this is recorded with my phone:
Kind regards, Harm


I record with my phone and no editing so it has to be spotless from beginning till end.
Ha! There's no way this would have worked if we'd done it that way. And I totally get why you don't smile. I have to think hard to play and can't jupm around and smile when I'm doing it for real. Miming this helped me make it look like I was more jovial than I normally am playing. :D

Well done with this video!
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