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To Pull This Off at Age 69 Is Incredible


The Nightfly is in my Top 10 albums of all time. It's a masterpiece.
I would pay full price of the album just for I.G.Y., Ruby Baby and New Frontier. Don't forget the New York Rock and Soul Revue Live Album. There's a guy named Drew Zing who plays incredible guitar with an awsome tone on it. Phoebe Snow sings the greatest version of "At Last" ever also.
Oh man, that was the golden age. That was the age of Journey, Boston, Wings, The Cars, Rush, Heart and on and on. Then you had the mellow "AM Gold": Bread, Player, Ace, Ambrosia, America, etc., etc.

Since I'm old I get to say "Today's music is crap! Get off my lawn."
One of my teenage daughters listens to all the stuff I listened to at her age: cars, police, journey, petty, cheap trick, vh etc.


The Nightfly is in my Top 10 albums of all time. It's a masterpiece.
Knew there was a reason I liked you....
My obsession with this perfect gem of an album started on the day of it’s release, and has only increased over the years in it’s unique blend of optimistic, futile mid-century futurism and existential dread...played by the best studio cats who ever lived. , and really helped me get thru some of the toughest moments of the last year........
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