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Tired topic, but I need suggestions


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Folks -

I have 2 sets of headphones at the moment. 1 is the Sony MDR-7506 which I have grown to respect over the years. I had previously had MDR-V6's. My other one is the new Sony WXM-10004 (or something like that). Well, #1 just went 'tango uniform' on me. I have tried the other phones with a cable - they sound fine, but I'm pretty sure they're not as flat or 'true'.

What else is out there in the ~$100 range that you guys trust, or should I just replace the MDR-7506's?


By the way - kudos if you know what 'tango uniform' means!


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You’re absolutely right, but that’s the price point for the MDR-7506 (and its predecessor the MDR-V6). I’ve got killer monitors and a pair of CLR’s to hear things more loudly, but I’d like to get a set of relatively flat cans in that neighborhood if possible. Worst case would be I buy another set of 7506’s. And that doesn’t mean anything derogatory about the 7506’s .


If it were me, and I was used to and liked the sound of the Sony MDR-7506 that went Tango Uniform*, I'd just replace those.

* "teets up", sometimes, arguably incorrectly, "tits up".


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I’ve used the 7506s for years. They’re not the most accurate, but they’re predictable and durable. I wouldn’t hesitate to replace them with another pair if they died on me. There are better ones out there, but none near the price point.


Went through the same recently. Old pair of 7506s wore out. Looked around but ended up with a new pair of 7506. I’ve used them for years and I get great results. Nothing wrong with sticking to what works for you.

This popped up in my YT feed shortly after.


I got the Blue Mofi back in 2015. About two months ago they died so I replaced them with same model, since I’m used to the sound.
If you liked the 7506 and it’s in your budget, maybe stick with those.
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