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Tips for adding Fuzz stomp box to effects loop block - settings?


After several years without using any external stomp boxes with the Axe FX I recently added a Hellbender fuzz. The new drive tone is glorious but I wonder if I a doing something wrong. I simply add an effects loop block and insert the Hellbender there Send / Return. the effects block has levels I can adjust for 4 external effects but I see / hear no difference to adjusting these and increase the levels of the overall block to adjust this compared to bypass. In high gain amp models with the Hellbender I hear considerable hiss and want to know if I am missing something. Any best practices I might be missing would be much appreciated. BTW the Deep Trip Hellbender is the most amazing Tonebender Fuzz I have ever had. LOVE IT. check it out www.DeepTripLand.com


Personally, I wouldn't put a fuzz pedal in the effects loop. From what I can see, this is based on an original Fuzz Face type circuit, so you'll get way better results plugging the guitar into it directly, and then go into the AFX.
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