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Tips and tricks for easier preset management


Hi All,

After three months wait my Axe-FX 2 arrived two weeks ago. i am not a pro and have demanding day job. I have not complete auditioning the factory presets yet. As a result i forget which ones i liked to save to user banks for further tweaking. I do not want to run down all presets from start every time. Here below a few question regarding preset management. Please also provide any other tips and tricks which makes life easier as well.

1- The auto audition function (fovarites, change preset with arrow keys etc) works great with the presets that i load from PC but i could not managed to do it with the factory preset and user presets already transferred to Axe-FX. Am i am missing something here? Is there a way to auto audition and mark them as favorite too? I am reloading the same banks as if they are new as a solution but i got bored of that ritual!

2- While auditioning, I am trying to figure out how each preset was constructed. I would like to see the Axe-edit view at the same time with the ability to change the presets from a different window ie; axe manage pane and editor pane accessible at the same time. It would be much easier to compare two presets which are far apart, back to back. Is it possible?

3- As Axe Edit neither works offline nor allows comments and notes, is there any librarian software which you can organize the presets in your PC? if none, what is your method of organizing them? By the way there is no way of sorting presets other than alphabetic order even online.

4- I can not see factory IRs in the Axe-manage/ cabs tab. Only user ones are accessible and i have none at the moment. Is this normal?

5- There is no Amp manage option either.I know it does not make sense for many of you but it does for me. Before Axe-fx i always created my own banks for amp-cab only presets (without any fx including gate) to test different amps and use them as starting point. Too many of them in Axe-FX and i do not have enough time this time. Does any of you created such a bank i can download?

Thanks in advance,


Fractal Fanatic
#3 I copy the presets I like to the first 10 patches makes it easier to toggle between with foot board if they are all in the same bank. #4 when in ae cab page click mouse on ir name/# and a page showing all available cab Ir should open, or you toggle them up/down with arrow button(I do not think you can rearrange factory Ir). #5 same as with factory Ir easy to build a test preset though, just turn gate off shunt across screen, put cab block in there and toggle amps up/down.


Thanks Paranoid,

I understand, for #4 and #5 that i had to assign amps and IRs manually to have them accessible.

I get your point for #3 but my question was not that. Let me explain a bit further. Some devices allow you to sort presets according to their amp class, drive level, according to the fx they have etc. Some have editors that allow you to do sorting and preset management offline and some have third party librarian software which you can tag the presets according to your own preferences and recall only the ones that you chose. These also allow you to print the parameters or export them as txt file. You can think of it as different folder names ie Jazz, Rock, Brit etc but software does that all for you. . It avoids you to create hundreds of folders and dozens of duplicates of the same preset manually which will turn updating preset into a nightmare.Similar to use MFC in Song or set modes.


I keep a collection of simple amp+cab presets, featuring the amps models I like the most.
The presets are attached to this post.

These are simple 3 or 4-block presets. Amp, Cab, hi-quality room reverb, and sometimes a Drive block.

The amp tweaking is "authentic". I tend to stick to the controls present on the original modeled amp.
The preset title indicates when "special" parameters have been adjusted, such as the GEQ or Boost. And "s..." indicates the use of multiple scenes.

Stock cabs only. UltraRes where possible (Cab Pack 6/7 preferred), and HiRes in a couple of cases.
I'm using "high quality" preamp simulation in the Cab block (Tape 50, Drive and Sat at around 0.8), and a default Room Reverb block.

Firmware 17.03 required. The levels are roughly matched.

XL owners: use the presets in this zipped file.

Mk I/II-owners: use these presets, created by Johan Allard, based on this spreadsheet.

I found one of these threads of Yek's in an other section for my #5. It is not complete but a great starting point. Lucky me :)


Fractal Fanatic
sorry I was not more help I am still learning this thing to. I thought your post would have got more help from the pros but be patient. yek is extremely helpful in all things axe, your answer is probably in the wiki some were. I use x/y a lot to audition amps and cabs. I X the one I like best at that time and switch the one in the Y until I like it better then I wait till the next day to listen again to see which one 1I like best
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