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"Time" - Pink Floyd


Fractal Fanatic
Hi Leelewis,

Now I want to know which preset is 297?
My unit is so full of other presets I had to drop many of the factory ones.

To cure the boredom of being stuck at home in the UK whilst the world goes mad thought I would play a bit of Floyd - Preset 297 - changed cab to a OH Mar-CB V30-EN T1 Live-Modern which is my go to cab.



Very inspiring! I spent some time playing with that myself for a while. I was struck how dialed-in that preset is for a Strat. In my case a Highway One with Fralin Blues Specials in it, and I was diggin' it! I plugged my Thorn (tele-style) GT with Ron's staple-top pickups in immediately after the Strat, and it Just Did Not Work.
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