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Tight metal rhythm


Which cab pack would you recommend for getting a tight metal rhythm sound? Not 7 string djent sounds, but classic metal tuned to E/Eb (think Metallica, Slayer, Maiden, etc.).


OwnHammer Marshall 412 65s Vintage Mix is good choice ,if you are looking for some kind of old Metallica tones there. EQ curve for that IR was pretty close to old Metallica era studio tones ,i can definitely recommended to try that if you have not yet test that IR.


Depends so much on which actual amp you're using. Some cabs sounds great with certain amps, but not so good with others. Hard to recommend good cabs without knowing the amp.


I just use the standard 4x12 TV mix and 4x12 AX mix cabs panned hard / opposite in a stereo cab block

just finished recording some guitar parts for a pal's album that I'm a guest on..
he wanted tones that were a little calmer than the regular Clarky hi-gain..
more out of the classic rock camp..

Strat [with an SD Hot Rail] -> 5153Blue -> 4x12 AX Mix panned left
RG [with a Bulldog Extremist] -> Herbert ch2-> 4x12 TV mix panned right

the tones are not that gainy…
and it sounds wonderful..

for all the IR's I have in the Axe, in my personal library, and Cab Lab mixes of my own..
the TV and AX just keep on cutting it...
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