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Ticking Clock sound on Presets?


I guess you have the metronome volume turned up.
You can turn it down on the temp page. Just push the 'Tempo" button on the front panel and you'll see it.


A couple of years ago I played guitar just before I went to the gym and heard a clicking noise. I had a heartbeat monitor on and the electronics in the guitar were picking up the signal from it. It had me baffled for a few minutes !


Even some watches have been known to be picked up on high gain settings, not necessarily on the Axe FX but back in the day.

Joe Shirey

Had the same issue, it was literally my watch. If you're a lefty like me and wear it on your strumming hand, try taking it off


Had similar issue. In my case, it was a cpu usage 92%+ on the preset in question that turned out to be the culprit. Try removing a block or two, and see if it doesn't help.


Power User
Metronome blinks can become audible also if you have a midi cable that's transmitting the tempo signal near the signal cables. There's an option in Axe to disable that though, I/O -> Midi-> Send realtime sysex: "none" or "tuner".
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