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Thoughts on OLP MM 5 string bass


I’m primarily a guitar player but use bass from time to time mainly for hobby recording at home. I found a great deal on an OLP MM 5 string. Pearl pick guard for like $150. Is this a decent bass ? I get it’s not a legit bongo or stingray etc

dr bonkers

Fractal Fanatic
It's not bad.

For around the same money you can get the Ibanez Mikro 5 string GSRM25. The bass was so good in a head to head playing session, I ended up buying the Ibanez.


Power User
To everything above

$100 is better than $150- 150 is top dollar what it's worth

They're not bad- good value for a 5 string which most people don't have the amps to get full advantage of- with direct/fractal i'm sure you're fine for recording

I'd avoid anything in the GIO range of ibanez


thanks for the replies. I"ve decided against it for now and may get a Sub by sterling Music Man down the road. I think around $3-400. I have my cheap LTD bass that I've had for years. It's not bad but will do a slight upgrade sometime this year


The US made original SUBs are excellent, try to snatch one of those. In general, the more you pay, up to a point, the better you like the bass.

I prefer Ibanez ATKs, you might find the Korean made ones cheap just now, Reason for me liking ATKs is they are half-way like Stingray sounding and not expensive. And with the active EQ you could quickly tweak the settings for both recording and live playing. Good slap bases, too.
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