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Thorndendal model


Well, just when I thought I was fully content, this model came out of nowhere and made me more content.

This amp is pretty stunning for metal and even for rock when you back off a bit. Super nice attack and thickness. Between this, FASMODERN and FASMODERN II... I think my metal bases are covered, haha!

Nice work once again!

Is there a story behind this one? Did he dial it? Was it made from input from him? I haven't seen much about it.


dammit... Thordendal, not Thorndendal. I wish you could edit the thread title! :)
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Axe 2 wiki says, "not a DAR model, but created from input from the man himself"

Def. made my day when i read the release notes...


In a word or 2, "I'm addicted to this amp"! It feels VERY alive and responsive. I'm using IR factory 106 and 25 in stereo. Playing thru a pair of Atomic Reactors(active). I'm using it for rock tones with the guitar vol backed off about 1/4.

Another 'well done' Cliff and company. Thanks!



You still will NOT get that ^ without his CAB.... Sounds awesome.

He has a Marshall 4x12 angled loaded with T75's. Been used for Destroy Erease Improve with a SM57, Chaosphere with a TLM193 and 50% of the rythm guitars for Koloss (they Made IRs and had two tracks of the Marshall cab and two tracks with another cab).

It's kind of a "lucky" cab cause it sounds alot deeper then the usual Marshall 4x12 T75 cabs. I got pretty close by doing a TMA using Toontrack EZ-Mix Gods of Guitar "Fredrik Rythm" preset with my own DI track.

Having his "real" IR on the other hand would be alot more awesome.

Kind of funny Thordendal likes his amps as loose as possible considering how tight it sounds when he plays ^^
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Is there any chance you'd be willing to share the Tone match you did? Would be very fun to play with :)
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