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This tone from "The Wall"


Sure. Here's a couple to get you started.

I use scenes 1-5 so pay attention to that.

1. PF5 Run - The Run delays are on each scene. With each scene giving a flavor of clean to drive. Scene 1, 2, and 3 are all clean and identical. Scene 4 with drive. Scene 5 with Drive and Flanger Just depends on the mood/crowd on which one I feel like playing. A clean Run Like Hell is nice, but found myself kicking on a drive, the flanger,(scene 5) and rolling back my vol knob on guitar a little and got killer compliments on the tone from fans and sound guys.

2. PF5 Brick - Use this for all Another Brick In the Wall (or any other wall tunes really) Scene 1 is a clean tone (no delay). Scene 2 is clean w/ Brick delays. Scene 3 ?forgot... Scene 4 and 5 are my lead tones.

Either of these presets should get you started. I use scenes, BUT I dynamically change those scenes a lot with the other pedals. Especially on all other tunes besides Run and Brick. Every Floyd patch I have always has Compressor, Drive1, Drive2, Flanger, Chorus, Phaser, Volume, and of course delays. Volume Sweep is set with a slight delay for nice swells.

The delays are the key to the sound IMO. You'll notice I run the delays in series next to each other. Thanks Kit Rae! for that suggestion and delay times. It's the "triplet" delay he talks about Gilmour using. I tried all the suggestions and found these work best for Run and Another Brick. Proven live with good results. NOW if you want to use these patches for other tunes, simply bypass Delay 1, and use Delay two for ambience.

To use these on other tunes, just vary some pedals with IA switches.
Chorus is almost always on. Drive 1(x) slight boost for cleans. Drive 1(y) a bit stronger that X. Drive 2 is fuzz face(x) and PI(y).

  • To use these for Breathe Rythym. Scene 1. Turn on Phaser. Turn off Delay 1. Others to taste.
  • Breathe Slide Leads: Scene 1 . Drive1(boost) on, Phaser On, Delay 1 On, Volume Swells with Vol Pedal. Amazingly awesome. Basically same for great gig in sky. Keep it clean though.
  • Time Solo. Delay 1 Off. Drive 1 On. Drive 2 (y)(PI) on.
  • Money Solo. Scene 5 on either. Delays to taste.
  • Shine on Intro. Scene 1. Drive 1(x) on. Delay 2 on. Delay 1 off. ... etc..
  • etc... etc...
Trying to explain this all from my office. No axe in front of me. Hope this helps. And good luck. Remember these were dialed in from scratch for my guitars and setup. I run in Mono. We have another guitarist in band too and we split duties - but I do most leads..
I run into CLR's sometimes, and other times into a Freyette Power Station and Mesa 1x12 Mini Rect (using fxloop out 2). Sounds glorious for us.

Good luck!
Can't seem to get these to load with Q1.06 and Axe Edit 3.4


Maybe this can help:

I personally use rig rundowns and such on Youtube as template to recreate a certain tone in the AxeFX.


Power User
Thank you for sharing your presets.

However, the link is not working. Can someone upload the files? Thanks!
Ditto! Please if you could re-share the links - I've been wanting to see a real Gilmour preset for a later firmware that works with my guitar. So far I've tried nearly a dozen and most are from way back, it would be very helpful for me to see your pro work and see if it can get me a little closer.


Sorry about that! I forgot those links were broken. I've been meaning to getting around to getting some back up. The presets have evolved quite a bit since then but I have something nice dialed in now that I use at live gigs. It is built from scratch based on tons of research to recreate his rig the best I could. Been a fun journey. I have song specific presets(mostly because of song/part specific delays- and to capture album tones). They are all in Axe II quantum 4.0 format. I tried to convert them to the AX8 but felt I had to compromise for CPU too much and don't have those done yet to my liking. So the Axe II dedicated to the Floyd band. Ax8 another band. Downside is I don't have have it near me right now. I will try to get something for you this weekend, as I have another big show coming up in two weeks, and need to shuffle the presets to the set-list. When I do that, I'll share a preset or two that will get you started! Hopefully they work for you!
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To make a preset sounding like David Gilmour is a real struggle
A hard sound to get. I tried it for the song Another brick in the wall part 2
Responds to Bat signal

Here I am!

I'm afraid I do not come bearing presets, since the last time I played side 1 of The Wall with Brit Floyd was in those dark, pre-Fractal days.

I've attached a clip of the band playing at Red Rocks, filmed a couple of years ago. "Another Brick In The Wall - Part 1" starts around the 6 minute mark.

As I mentioned, I didn't have my Axe FX back then. I was using a G System and my Cornford MK50 mkII head. I went for a the cleanest amp sound I could dial in, a whole load of compression, delay set to the tempo of the song (I can't remember the exact tempo off the top of my head, but you can tap it in) and I used pickup position 2 (bridge and middle).

Damian (stage left) played the majority of those ultra-clean Wall sounds, including all those pedalled, open D parts in "Another Brick..." and "Run Like Hell". Damian also played the clean rhythm parts in "Another Brick pt 2". He was using the Axe FX II around the time of this video, but, if my memory serves me correctly, he mainly used it for effects, integrated with his Roland set up, before gradually incorporating the amp modelling block of the Fractal. Therefore, I'm not sure if even he has a preset that's 100% Axe FX, although he may have created new sounds since.

I believe the clean rhythm sound on the studio version of Another Brick part 2 (by the REAL Pink Floyd) was the result of a DI straight into the desk, but don't quote me on that. Bjorn at www.gilmourish.com is highly knowledgeable when it comes to the history of DG's gear. His site is a great source of reference and I'm willing to bet that it's been thoroughly scoured by anybody who has ever played guitar in a Pink Floyd tribute band.

I hope this helps.

Here's a link to that Red Rocks show:

Seeing the Britt floyd in real live a few years ago convinced me to buy the Fractal. This video is before they start using the fractal but love this sound to. Great performance.


A few weeks ago i tried a humble attempt to record this song but couldn't find a good preset to cover this song so i started to try it myself.
( I know that there are far more better versions but i tried my best)

This was realy one of the hardest sounds to get. It took many hours tweaking and a lot of research.
It has such a specific sound that is so hard to get. But why not try.

For all the presets i used the highpower amp.
But different drive pedals. Normally i use the FET pedal for a gilmour sound or a Fuzz pi. But this time for the rhyhtm i used the esoteric RCB just as a boost pedal ( Drive button to zero), and for the solo the Timothy.



Love it mauro. Great playing great sound.
What amp did you use?
Almost a year ago i also covered this song. I used the Friedman 2018.
I tried to make a preset sounding like eduardo scordo from Britt Floyd but didnt succeed so i created something different but
that would do the song right.

My own cover

The Britt floyd version



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