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This is friggin' cool science.

NY Guitarist

I'm totally hooked on TED talks. I subscribe to the videos on iTunes so they download in the background and have new videos all the time.

What I REALLY like about them is that they are very positive and constructively focused on discovering solutions or understanding of problems. It's my anti-hate medicine.


Fractal Fanatic
TED talks are great because, as you say NY Guitarist, it's about finding interesting solutions to apply our knowledge. I absolutely love the videos from the = World Science Fair every year. I always get strange reactions when I tell people, "I had a hard time deciding on a major. If I didn't go with Music, I would've pursued theoretical physics". I still might go into physics if I ever decide to give up on becoming a rockstar. That would require a level of maturity I'm refusing to let myself get to, however.

Side note: Have you ever seen the World Science Fair Neurology video with Bobby McFarren? He demonstrates the power of the pentatonic scale with a simple demonstration that blows the scientists minds.

NY Guitarist

Mosquitoes LOVE me...

Haha.. me too! And I once rented a summer cabin off of a road actually named SWAMP ROAD! No joke. The lane the cabin was on was called something like Pleasant Lane, but was surrounded by watershed land that was a mosquito factory. I had no idea that it would be the summer of mosquito hell...

Damn Real Estate agent really got me good... lol
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