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This has to be a joke right?


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I'll sell you 4 chip...I mean capo's, circa 1400's, for only $10,000 CAD, that's almost free in U.S. money! But wait, order now and I'll send you a second set of 4 left-handed chip...I mean capo's (just pay a separate process and handling fee). That's 8 chip...I mean, capo's for the price of 4!!




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Grab it while you can! The plastic mold techniques from the 1700's are just epic....top of the craft back then!


You should the Musicians section of Craigslist down here in South Florida. At one point, there were more satirical posts than legit ones. The Musical Instruments section gets some like these occasionally, but usually it's someone pointing out a specific loony who thinks their 2001 Squire Strat is worth $19,000 because the guy who helped push a roadcase up a ramp for Huey Lewis And The News back in '86 played it once.


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I posted the Craigslist ad on Facebook, and one of my guitar collector friends posted this in reply:

You want a “real” vintage capo?...most of the cork has disintegrated but a patent of May 7 1889 makes this one kinda old!
Mikey's Vintage Capo.jpg
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