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Them Diezels!


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Wow, Q2.01 sounds really great doesn't it?
I'm working on a new track to demonstrate some Diezel sounds with my XL+.
I didn't use the Diezels a whole lot in the past but I must say I'm really digging them now.

The VH4 Silver face is my favorite.
Das metal still sounds really good for a more aggressive tone but the VH4 sounds more natural.
All the Diezel amp models have really interesting and unique characteristics.
They hold up very well in the mix and they work very well together with the new OH DZL cab that is coming out very soon.

I can understand why James Hetfield uses a VH4 and the amp models in the Axe FX.
Even though the Herbie sounded pretty good too it was a bit harder to dial in for me.
I've read a lot of praise for the Herbie models around here so I was wondering if you guys have some tips for dialing that one in?

What Diezel amp channels do you like to use and for what style?

Btw, the VH4 also gives instant Weezer vibes, just play the 'Haspipe' riff with it and BOOM! There ya go! :)


I like to use the Herbie for metal. Nothing too extreme on my settings. I use CH3. I set the gain and treble a little more than noon. I leave the bass at noon and dip the mids a little bit. I also use the "7 Band EQ" to pull out some of the 400Hz, to simulate the "Mid Cut" on the real amp. Pair that up with the 4x12 RECTO SM57 cab. It sounds killer.


I have never really had much luck with the Diezels. They always seem so fizzy to me. I have to spend more time with it. I am also still running Q1 so maybe that is part of my problem. Can you give me any tricks to them? Do you run your MV very low? Which channel do you generally use? I wondered if Hetfield used 3 or 4. Thanks!


For Herbie CH3, I cut the gain, depth and bass and bump up the treble a little bit. I use one of the OH Mesa IRs and it sounds brutal.


I used the original VH4 Blueface (6L6) in the 90´s with a Marshall cab with 75W Speakers. An absolut punchy, clear sound like a brutal Marshall with fat,clear bass Peter Diezel started to modify 800 and Plexi Marshalls in the 80´s (also great amps, had a 3Channel King Ludwig-Model), I used my stereo VH4 with Master at 4 max. THat was the time were this was a exiting new amp - and the musicians-police was in front of the stage with open mouth and ears.....:D

I wasn´t always satisfied in the axe with the Diezel VH4 - every firmware changed them, with 14.02 was a great time.

Cliffs tip - increase Presence to 7 or 8 was very good in Q 2.0 - to get the aggressive Attack for cutting in the band. Use the channels with not to much gain, the VH4 is not a Heavymetal amp.

I like the second channel with gain to 8, brigh on (important, was made for Humbucker guitars) and channel 4 with not to much gain (4-5) very much. A great singing tone with a clear attack.

I use it with the Ownhammer V3 Diezel V30 08 - it doesn´t seem to work with greenbacks. Another good combination is the Orange from CabIR with G12H30. But I think it´s still difficult to make the original Diezel "feel" with the axe - there´s so much punch with the orignal amp.

In the 90´s Peter Stapfer (he works with Peter Diezel at the marketing and gave the impuls to build the VH4) played in a great coverband.
This Bandsound with his VH4 sound was an absolut pleasure - the bandsound was build around the guitarsound. I have never heard such an great Vh4 sound again later. Today he plays the Hagen-Amp from Diezel, which is closer to a "normal" Rockamp.
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Someone has mentioned before to check out the diesel website and download the amp settings sheets. I did that and got some fantastic results with the VH4. I found it interesting that may of the settings involve turning the 'deep' knob up a fair bit.


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I´m looking forward to your clip - and maybe the new OH Diezelcab.:)
Here's my little Diezel demo:

VH4 for the rhythms!
DAS Metal for the leads.
All with the new Ownhammer Diezel pack that will be out in a few hours.

Tommy Tequila

Yowza, so much riffage I didn't even realize there were drums until the break!:)

That sure is a cutting sound, may have to mess around with those amps a bit (not really a metal guy, though...)

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