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The scrutnizer template works just using a midi cable


Cool! Thanks for the compatibility report. You must be using two MIDI cables between the AxeII and the iRigmidi.

The template provides an indicator that helps us determine if the communication is reliable. What is the Incoming Sysex success percentage shown in the template after you use it for a while? Obviously, 100% is desired, but the template seems to be usable with success rates as low as 90%.


Yes ,just two midi cables.The incoming sysex success percentage stay on 100 all time,and the template comunication is more fastly than over wifi,i use one iPad 4 and axe ultra


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I'm going to have to try that. Wireless is cool and had been the most reliable except that the connection occasionally drops. Thx for the tip


I set midi out and in of lemur to the midi bridge and ,midi bridge in/out to irigmidi .
No more drops with me after i use this way,and possibility to use the template for edit in stage ,for me now is real

Excuse me guys for the bad english


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At my last gig I used the template via wifi. This gig was a collective improv gig, so I had time to use the Lemur template to play with sounds more than if it were a more typical band gig. For the first time I used an airport express box to create the network rather than use an ad-hoc off my laptop. It worked really well and even when I switched to another app, Lemur came back and hooked up much faster and more successfully than it used to. I don't know how much the router was responsible or template improvements or ? but it was the most successful live use I've had with it.

I'll try it with MidiBridge. I've use MidiBridge for other things and find it to be a really good app generally.


Ok, midibridge does work, but what happens when you need to use a midi foot controller and iRig?
If the footpedal does not have a midi merge feature that works with sysex messages, then you'd need a midi merger to combine the iRig MIDI Out with the Footpedal MIDI Out. Like this:

iRig MIDI Out -> Merger MIDI In #1
Footcontroller MIDI Out -> Merger MIDI In #2
Merger MIDI Out-> AxeFX MIDI In
AxeFX MIDI Out -> Footcontroller MIDI In
Footcontroller MIDI Thru -> iRig MIDI In

MidiBridge is able to route and merge MIDI. One would need an iPad compatible 2x2 MIDI interface to do this, and this interface has support sysex and has to to be compatible with MidiBridge.

I think it just might work, like this:
Footcontroller MIDI Out -> Midi Interface In #1 -> Midi Bridge
AxeFX MIDI Out-> Midi Interface In #2 -> Midi Bridge
Midi Bridge -> Midi Interface Out#1 -> Footcontroller MIDI In
Midi Bridge -> Midi Interface Out#2 -> AxeFX MIDI In
Make all the necessary routings inside the MIDI bridge app.


I am trying to get it working over wifi, as a replacement for the Lemur Daemon. It would solve all sorts of problems.

That would be great as a lot of us most likely run rtpMidi or something similar anyway for other tasks.

BTW - while Midi Bridge is a great app, i.e. with rtpMidi it would not be necessary as you can include "regular" midi devices in and out in the config.
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