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The Pop Tart thread

Scott Peterson

Global Moderator
Where did you get the link to the Kemper forum? I didn't see it on the site.
One of the KPA "pioneers" posted it on TGP yesterday. Appears legit, though not yet open. Hopefully it won't take them a year to get it launched... lol. (ducking and running whilst pulling on my flameproof pants...) ;)

Scott Peterson

Global Moderator
I didn't state that it was taking over, I was asking if it was, hence the question mark in the thread title. Surely someone that has nearly 40k posts between two forums has learned a bit of reading comprehension huh?
Yes, I have. And I also recognize passive-aggressive baiting when I read it biggness. Not playing your game, sorry.


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These threads are funny, they are all tools, the AxeFX is a proven AMAZING tool to have, can't wait for my II to show up next week. :) But there is also room at my place for a Kemper, and I'd love to try one, They are completely different animals, the Kemper should prove to be alot of fun.....


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Yes, I have. And I also recognize passive-aggressive baiting when I read it biggness. Not playing your game, sorry.
Please elaborate on my passive-aggressive baiting.

I haven't posted anything negative to anyone ever on this forum, and you can go back and double check if you would like. ;) That still stands.


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I just realized that I got baited into this thread as far as letting the "stirring the pot" thing get to me somewhat. Why not buy the Kemper, then defile it by profiling the Axe? Then you'll have an Axe and an Axemper?:p I know... it's not just in bad taste... it's just bad. So much for not being baited.:lol
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interestingly enough there are ppl in this forum that have that sort of amps/cabs and still choose to use the Axe.
(to be fair, the amps are not for storing beer but used in the the Zen art of gathering dust)

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Yeah, they're probably like me. Too lazy to take the time to mic them up or jamming at midnight in their home, so yeah pull out the Axe Fx for sure :D


Fractal Fanatic
I thought 'is kemper taking over?', with or without capitals was clearly a question too, pardon my ignorance of the English language.....


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Why on earth are Axe owners so defensive and sensitive?!???!!

A forum is about discussing music, gear, and advances in technology (not to do the ostrich thing, or "look the other way" to pretend nothing else is moving in this world). The OP posted what, 4 or maybe 5 posts in this thread? All of them quite civilized... Sure, the thread's title may have been a little excessive, but many people on this forum have been using excessive language to describe the Axe, for years, and that went over quite well!!! The Axe presumably could not be improved upon, and that was at V4 of the standard... since then, how many f/w revisions have been "game changers" or "totally redefined" the whole thing? And we made it all the way to V11, and then the Axe 2 came out, making all of that "antiquated" somehow... if that's not excessive commentary all along the way, then I don't know what is...

I don't know the OP, and I don't think he needs the likes of me to come to his defense... but to call him passive-aggressive because he dared post a thread on a piece of gear that may partially compete with your Axe, that's a little excessive too. I did not sense anything incorrect in the OP's various posts in this thread, and I still don't understand why everyone is so insecure that they absolutely must shut down any mention of any product other than Fractal's.

It's just gear. And more gear means we're evolving, which in my book is a good thing. Otherwise we'd all be using whatever amp Elvis used in the 50's and we'd all sound the same.

If this thread offends your insecurity about your Axe-FX, just don't read it. And if someone has interesting things to say about other gear (at whatever state of maturity that new gear may be), then let them.



Real common on brand driven forums. Although light... you will get that on the Heritage forums too. The only time the anti-brand stuff gets my goat is when they they are there to just cause a problem or refuse to through proper routes to get their issues taken care of.


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I chalk it up to KHF (Kemper Hype Fatigue). After nearly a year of the Pioneers hyping an unavailable product, a lot of us don't want to hear about it anymore (even if it is finally coming available). :roll


Either way works, no?
IMO... no, it doesn't. The way you have it worded (as a statement rather than a question) seems to me is just begging for what this thread has turned into. Since no tone can be inflected in typed words everything you write is open to misinterpretation. Had you phrased it as a question I doubt that you would have gotten the same responses we're seeing here now.

Then again... these "flame wars" seem to be the norm on all online forums for some reason.


This thread had car crash written all over it from the somewhat provocative title to the quote from HC.

I do wish I could hide certain threads when I do my usual "What's New?"
...this one annoys me everytime it pops up. sh!t I just made it pop up again. doh! :D
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