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The Pop Tart thread


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Anytime mate. I have a fridge full of beer, a freezer full of steak and a BBQ that needs to see a little Christmas action - come on over!
Pedalboardlbels exploiting the cheap foreign labor with promises of cold beer! BRILLIANT!!! :)


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The idea of something being better implies that everyone would use the gear in question in the same exact scenario for the same exact purpose.

But to me the biggest difference between the two devices in question here are that one models a specific amp that has been profiled whcih to me means that in order to dial something in you have to have the real deal on hand or someone else has to have captured it exactly as you want it. For me (someone without tons of amps on hand in a studio) that scares the crap out of me. I mean we're talking about depending on someone having the exact same amp I want to hear, but also has to have a KPA and then has to have profiled and uploaded it

Far too much dependency on exernal factors for my liking.

Doesn't mean that it isn't a great idea or won't be amazing for someone else. I just prefer the idea of being able to create a patch from the ground up on my own with what I have inside the box rather than hope that someone else can diial it in for me.


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How does the kemper handle guitar volume controls? I would think that it would have to sweep across to figure out the non-linear response curve of the amp.
There was one recent post on TGP that implied that the KPA has a "dynamics processor" that addressed that. If so, the profile could be a relatively static capture with the processor inferring how the real amp would behave.


hmmmmm. Was wondering.... Where are the bread slots in that thing so I can make my toast in the morning.

Sorry guys I got the attention span of a cat trapped in a yarn factory. As soon as I saw "HC" in the post my brian shut it out like a nagging mother in law. just sayin... ...Where am I???


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To the OP-Bull%#@*. The 2 are like apples and oranges. You don't need ANYTHING else with the AXe. It's a completely different animal. Taking over? Yes, in your mind I guess. Unnamed top 2 metal heads? Right-unnamed.
This is a joke.


Relax people! Nobody ist taking your AxeFx away.

In order to to enjoy a Kemper you have to be open minded at first. I am always reading something about the look of the amp. Yes - it looks odd when you see it the first time. But if somebody would offer me a rack version, I wouldn't swap. I wouldn't like a Tiny Terror or a Mesa Transatlantic or any other "lunchbox" amp in a rack format. That's how you should see the Kempers look. It is something like a real small amp top. And it can be used as something like that.

You have direct access to most of the parameters, just like with a real amp. You have a big high resolution display which supports you with additional information when dialing parameters. You have a god sound right away without tweaking. But you can tweak quite a lot if you wish to.

For studio productions you can setup an amp with microphones and then record with your real amp. If you want to replace a track month later, you just use your profile. Because you could have problems to get the amp miked up exactly the same way.

There are many purposes you can use the Kemper. But the same is to say about the AxeFx. If you like one better than the other it is up to you. Nobody has to defend their own equipment. Nobody is taking over. The only thing what happened (since they released the product this week) the AxeFx has competition - finally!

Because competition will bring progress, improvement and decreasing prices. That saying I would like to remark that the AxeFx is quite a bit too expencive for my taste!

Better times ahead for all AxeFx AND Kemper fanboys.

I also agree, that there is too much talking about something what just hit the market a few days ago. Let's wait and see (hear).

Happy New Year to everybody.
Keep on rocking - the music is inside of YOU - not in a Kemper, not in an AxeFx. It's just helping to let it out!!
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To the OP, why not go here: Kemper Amps Forum and post how the Axe-FX is 'taking over' and see how that flies there, then pontificate once you are attacked for trolling.
I didn't state that it was taking over, I was asking if it was, hence the question mark in the thread title. Surely someone that has nearly 40k posts between two forums has learned a bit of reading comprehension huh?


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For studio productions you can setup an amp with microphones and then record with your real amp. If you want to replace a track month later, you just use your profile. Because you could have problems to get the amp miked up exactly the same way.
And this is the kind of reason I'd actually want something like a kemper. Having the experience of setting up something perfectly to want to return to it a week after cuz there was something you missed in tracking the first time, I know how useful something like this would be. Don't see myself selling an axe cuz of it, but it will have its uses.
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