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The other HSS: Who does this?


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Pretty odd looking guitars. Looks backwards. I don’t like neck buckers too much. They sound good for lower gain stuff though.


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Proof again that people like and prefer different things. That's the beauty of individuality. I fail to see the reason for being critical of people doing something you may not understand or prefer.
I'm not saying that people can't like what they like. I just find it to be an odd choice.

Joe Bfstplk


My Fender Tele is set up like this. The 5 way switch gives:
  1. Neck HB (parallel/series on tone knob pull)
  2. Neck (screws coil) + Bridge 1/2 out of phase
  3. Neck (studs coil) + Bridge
  4. Middle + Bridge
  5. Bridge
It's a nice set of sounds. Neck HB is a Duncan Jazz. Middle is a Fender Twisted Tele Neck pickup. Bridge is a Shinkicker....

Joe Bfstplk

What I always wondered is why Fenders seem to always list stuff right to left.

To me, HSS would be my Tele and the strat-oids at the top of the thread, and the bridge bucket stratoids would be SSH....


Once upon a time rock musicians were rebels and innovators. Today many are as traditionalist and resistant to changes as an old fart orthodox🧐
There are many examples of that, like the resistance to accept digital modelers, the obsession for impractical and obsolete vintage features or gear - just because it was like that in the good ol' days, or the masochism of playing an over-weighted LesPaul to be authentic :D😉
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Who on earth orders a custom guitar like this? I've seen two listings for these oddball HSS configured guitars (Suhr and Anderson respectively) and wondered what on earth the people were thinking when they put in those order forms?

View attachment 106426

View attachment 106427
I'd miss having an SC neck pickup on a strat-style guitar, so wouldn't give that up for a HB.

On a tele-style, however, I'm mostly on the bridge and middle positions, so a HB at the neck works great for me.

So, between my two Suhrs, I get HH sounds - just not at the same time. ;-]


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