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The New Bright Knob


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Can you give a brief description of its intention and how it achieves that - it's role and placement in the amp chain or what-have-you??

I know this directly counters the intention that users adjust "with their ears" rather than eyes, but I'm trying to learn all the parameters so that I don't have to go through every single one (necessarily), and this particular parameter sounds very interesting.

Edit: And as always, thanks Cliff, you devoted bugger!

Mark's Tone

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the release notes state;

This high treble control is a shelving filter between the preamp and power amp and may be used to darken or brighten the output of the preamp. This control also accurately replicates the “Presence” control found in the Mesa Triaxis preamp when set to negative values (the Presence control in the Triaxis is actually a high frequency cut shelving filter). Note: this is not to be confused with the “Bright Switch” which engages/disengages a capacitor across the drive pot.


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Does it apply to any "real" parameter on the ac30tb? Or is hi cut still the "cut" knob?


Works wonders. I'm still adjusting a bit to a FRFR setup and it seems to me this helps to fine tune the high end really well.
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