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The neverending search of perfect guitar tone

Frank Pearl

Hi all
I need to confess one thing: i never satisfied with my guitar tones and i'm always trying to find a better one.
And i'm a nerd too and so i need to find new solutions to improve the tone.

One day i was watching a video of Ayreon recording session. Lucassen loves to do multitracking rhythm guitars. He use different amps and a strange rack: a sans amp directly to the desk. The sound was so awful, like an amp without cab simulation. But mixing with other amps and at the proper level, this trick makes guitars to stand out.
So i took a note about this technique.
Times ago (maybe a year ago) i had an obsession for Petrucci tones on Awake. I have a JP2C amp and Suhr Reactive load and i tryed to reply his tone. what an unsuccess!!
I didn't know he used a recto too, but trying to find his tone i remembered the sans amp trick. I recorded rhythm guitars on Logic and then i opened two new tracks with the same stems. On the new tracks i opened a Logic Distortion plugin and i cracked the gain and the tone just to mimic that awful sans amp. I adjusted the levels ( very low compared to the main rhythm tracks) and i put all of them in the mix. And it was magic.
The original video recorded with the amp is below, but i replied the tone with the Axe Fx III. And it was so so easy to get the same tones. Just copied the settings from the amp.
What an Amazing machine the Axe.
This is my Axe Preset. I use an ownhammer cab but this ZillaCab fits perfectly

By the way, don't judge the tone playing alone. The magic happens in the mix.
Let me know your experiences.



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I love that swirl finish on your Ibanez — was that a custom job? I recall a forumite doing a custom swirl like that a few years ago.

Frank Pearl

I love that swirl finish on your Ibanez — was that a custom job? I recall a forumite doing a custom swirl like that a few years ago.
It's not a custom paint. It's a 2017 limited edition UV77. 1 of 77 made it. the best guitar ever used . Handmade by Sugi Guitars for Ibanez.
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