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The Mother-of-all-pedal-and-effects-emulations thread for AX8


Thank you so much for the effort and time you've put into such a brilliant, and important thread for Ax8 users! I wish I had actual pedals to emulate and share, but I don't... So for now, I won't be posting.

But thank you!


New Member
This is a great thread and I've been looking for something like this since I got my AX8. Thank you and looking forward to more posts. Especially an EVH Phase 90 so I dont have to use my pedal anymore
I'll get there! I'm new so might take a bit but thanks for the thread. It's helpful to learn how to use the AX8 and get some good sounds out of the box.


Once upon a time, dear people, there was The Mother-of-all-pedal-and-effects-emulations thread. An initiative to share emulated real-world pedal and effects on the Axe-Fx Standard and Ultra.
Then there is another two thread: Mama's back (for Axe-FX II) and Mama's back...again (for Axe-FX III).

And for AX8 ?!?!?! Nothing...

So, I created this thread to share our block setting... for AX8 only.
So, the purpose of this thread is: make pedal/effect emulations available as standalone .BLK files (as in: effect block files). This way we will build a library of standalone emulated pedals/effects, which is missing at this moment. This is for AX8 only.
You can search and find suggested settings for certain pedals/effects in this forum, Wiki, YouTube etc., and these are often documented in the Wiki How-Tos, but almost always you get it in text or as a full preset.

This will succeed only if people contribute!

The "rules" still apply:

1) Post only stuff that's AX8 compatible.
2) If you post a .BLK files make sure is compatible with AX8-Edit 1.8.7 and AX8 Quantum 10.01 or higher.
3) List the effect settings in your post, OR attach a .BLK file. Note: this is NOT a preset, but just a single block. How to save an effect block: in AX8-Edit right-click on a block, select Library > Save. You'll find the saved file in Documents\Fractal Audio\Ax8-Edit\blocks. Vice versa, to load such a file, put it in that folder, restart Ax8-Edit, right-click on a space in the grid, select Library > Recall.
4) Keep it simple: preferable single blocks.
5) Keep it to pedals and stuff like "PCM Concert Hall" reverb.
6) Use a separate post for each effect.
7) Describe if it's mono or stereo, if it goes before of after Amp/Cab, if it's in series or parallel.
8) Name the source if you copied it from someone.
9) Try not to go wild. Keep it to proven emulations, not the "I-think-I-have-captured-Eric-Johnson's-tone-using-the-Metal-Zone" result from late last night.
10) List the firmware version.

Here we go!

I'll start off with some blocks. Some of the stuff in there is based on the experience and tips of guys like Javajunkie, Matman, Yek etc.

Grazie @Roby. I have an Axe 2 but think this is a great initiative. Hopefully more people get on board. (Complimenti per l'iniziativa!)


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Thanks for this thread! I'm looking to get started on tweaking and it's a good starting point to some effects. Thanks!!
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