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The MFC boots intermittantly without displaying text


My MFC Mk3 boots intermittantly without displaying text and was wondering if an old battery might be an issue?


Do you mean that it boots intermittently, or that intermittently when it boots no text displays?

Doesn't sound battery related in either case, IMO.

I'd open it up and make sure all the ribbon cables are well seated.

How are you powering it. They are a bit finicky if there is not enough current.
I’m experiencing something similar... maybe one in 5 starts the MFC does not display the names or the switch states. Sometimes rebooting the AX fixes it or sometimes rebooting by pulling the MFC XLR and reconnecting. Then it seems to be good for the gig.

Only started doing this the past few months. Ive had this setup for several years.

Also occasionally get “waiting for tuner” display prior to the blank display.

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